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# ******************************************************************************
# Copyright 2017-2018 Intel Corporation
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ******************************************************************************
# pylint: disable=no-name-in-module
import itertools
import math

import numpy as np
from spacy.tokens.doc import Doc
from spacy.tokens.span import Span
from spacy.tokens.token import Token
from wordfreq import zipf_frequency

[docs]class TextSpanScoring: """ Text spans scoring class. Contains misc scoring algorithms for scoring text fragments extracted from a corpus. Arguments: documents(list): List of spaCy documents. spans(list[list]): List of spaCy spans representing noun phrases of documents document. """ def __init__(self, documents, spans, min_tf=1): assert len(documents) == len(spans) self._documents = documents self._doc_text_spans = spans self.index = CorpusIndex(documents, spans) assert min_tf > 0, 'min_tf must be > 0' if min_tf > 1: self.re_index_min_tf(min_tf)
[docs] def re_index_min_tf(self, tf): filtered_doc_text_spans = [] for d in self.doc_text_spans: filtered_doc_phrases = [p for p in d if >= tf] filtered_doc_text_spans.append(filtered_doc_phrases) self._doc_text_spans = filtered_doc_text_spans self.index = CorpusIndex(self.documents, self.doc_text_spans)
@property def documents(self): return self._documents @property def doc_text_spans(self): return self._doc_text_spans
[docs] def get_tfidf_scores(self, group_similar_spans=True): """ Get TF-IDF scores of spans return a list of spans sorted by desc order of importance span score = TF (global) * (1 + log_n(DF/N)) """ phrases_and_scores = {} num_of_docs = len(self.documents) for _, noun_phrases in zip(self.documents, self.doc_text_spans): for p in noun_phrases: if p not in phrases_and_scores: tf = df = self.index.df(p) phrases_and_scores[p] = \ (tf + 1) * math.log(1 + num_of_docs / df) if len(phrases_and_scores) > 0: return self._maybe_group_and_sort(group_similar_spans, phrases_and_scores) return []
[docs] def get_freq_scores(self, group_similar_spans=True): phrases_and_scores = {} for _, noun_phrases in zip(self.documents, self.doc_text_spans): for p in noun_phrases: if p not in phrases_and_scores: phrases_and_scores[p] = zipf_frequency(p.text, 'en') return self._maybe_group_and_sort(group_similar_spans, phrases_and_scores)
[docs] def group_spans(self, phrases): pid_phrase_scores = [{'k': self.index.get_pid(p), 'v': (p, s)} for p, s in phrases.items()] phrase_groups = [] for _, group in itertools.groupby( sorted(pid_phrase_scores, key=lambda x: x['k']), lambda x: x['k']): _group = list(group) phrases = {g['v'][0].text for g in _group} score = _group[0]['v'][1] phrase_groups.append((sorted(phrases), score)) return phrase_groups
def _maybe_group_and_sort(self, is_group, phrases_dict): phrase_groups = phrases_dict.items() if is_group: phrase_groups = self.group_spans(phrases_dict) return sorted(phrase_groups, key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)
[docs] @staticmethod def normalize_minmax(phrases_list, invert=False): _, scores = list(zip(*phrases_list)) max_score = max(scores) min_score = min(scores) norm_list = [] for p, s in phrases_list: if max_score - min_score > 0: new_score = (s - min_score) / (max_score - min_score) else: new_score = 0 norm_list.append([p, new_score]) if invert: for e in norm_list: e[1] = 1.0 - e[1] return norm_list
[docs] @staticmethod def normalize_l2(phrases_list): phrases, scores = list(zip(*phrases_list)) scores = scores / np.linalg.norm(scores) return list(zip(phrases, scores.tolist()))
[docs] @staticmethod def interpolate_scores(phrase_lists, weights=None): if weights is None: weights = [1.0 / len(phrase_lists)] else: assert len(weights) == len(phrase_lists) list_sizes = [len(l) for l in phrase_lists] for l in list_sizes: assert len(phrase_lists[0]) == l, 'list sizes not equal' phrase_list_dicts = [] for lst in phrase_lists: phrase_list_dicts.append({tuple(k): v for k, v in lst}) phrases = phrase_list_dicts[0].keys() interp_scores = {} for p in phrases: interp_scores[p] = 0.0 for ref, w in zip(phrase_list_dicts, weights): interp_scores[p] += ref[p] * w return sorted(interp_scores.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)
[docs] def get_cvalue_scores(self, group_similar_spans=True): phrases_text = [p for ps in self.index.pid_to_spans.values() for p in ps] phrase_scores = {} for phrase in phrases_text: sub_phrase_pids = None for w in phrase: sub_pids = self.index.get_subphrases_of_word(w) if sub_phrase_pids is None: sub_phrase_pids = sub_pids else: sub_phrase_pids = sub_phrase_pids.intersection(sub_pids) sub_phrase_pids.discard(self.index.get_pid(phrase)) if len(sub_phrase_pids) > 0: score = math.log2(1 + len(phrase)) * ( - 1.0 / len(sub_phrase_pids) * sum( [[0]) for p in sub_phrase_pids])) else: score = math.log2(1 + len(phrase)) * phrase_scores[phrase] = score for phrase in phrase_scores: score = [phrase_scores[p] for p in self.index.get_phrase(self.index.get_pid(phrase))] phrase_scores[phrase] = sum(score) / len(score) return self._maybe_group_and_sort(group_similar_spans, phrase_scores)
[docs] @staticmethod def multiply_scores(phrase_lists): phrase_list_dicts = [] for lst in phrase_lists: phrase_list_dicts.append({tuple(k): v for k, v in lst}) phrases = phrase_list_dicts[0].keys() interp_scores = {} for p in phrases: interp_scores[p] = 1.0 for ref in phrase_list_dicts: interp_scores[p] *= ref[p] return sorted(interp_scores.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)
[docs]class CorpusIndex: """ Text span index class. Holds TF and DF values per span. Text spans are normalized and similar spans are mapped to the same TF DF values. """ def __init__(self, documents: list, spans: list): self.df_index = {} # span to DF self.tf_index = {} # span, doc to TF self.pid_to_spans = {} # id to spans (normalized types) self.word_to_phrase_index = {} self.documents = set() for d, phrases in zip(documents, spans): doc_id = CorpusIndex.get_docid(d) self.documents.add(doc_id) for phrase in phrases: pid = CorpusIndex.get_pid(phrase) # add to norm phrases dict if pid not in self.pid_to_spans: self.pid_to_spans[pid] = set() self.pid_to_spans[pid].add(phrase) # add to df index if self.df_index.get(pid, None) is None: self.df_index[pid] = {doc_id} else: self.df_index[pid].add(doc_id) # add to tf index if self.tf_index.get(pid, None) is None: self.tf_index[pid] = 1 else: self.tf_index[pid] += 1 for word in phrase: wid = self.get_wid(word) if wid not in self.word_to_phrase_index: self.word_to_phrase_index[wid] = set() self.word_to_phrase_index[wid].add(pid)
[docs] def get_phrase(self, pid): return self.pid_to_spans.get(pid)
[docs] def get_subphrases_of_word(self, w): wid = self.get_wid(w) return self.word_to_phrase_index.get(wid)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_wid(w: Token): """ get word id """ return CorpusIndex.hash_func(w.text)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_pid(p: Span): """ get phrase id """ return CorpusIndex.hash_func(p.lemma_)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_docid(d: Doc): """ get doc id """ return CorpusIndex.hash_func(d)
[docs] @staticmethod def hash_func(x): return hash(x)
[docs] def tf(self, phrase): """ Get TF of phrase in doc """ pid = CorpusIndex.get_pid(phrase) if self.tf_index.get(pid, None) is not None: return self.tf_index.get(pid) return 0
[docs] def df(self, phrase): """ Get DF of phrase in corpus """ pid = CorpusIndex.get_pid(phrase) if self.df_index.get(pid, None) is not None: return len(self.df_index[pid]) return 0